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After watching the trail on tv and searching around on the internet I came across the idiots at jodiariasisinnocent.com. I posted a comment and asked a simple question, in a very nice manner I might add and they banned me from the site. I started doing some research on who runs the website and came up with the below info.  My findings are also posted on youtube as well.. So with all that being said, I felt the need to mock the DUMBASS idiots over on the support website.


Confirmed! lordandthomashq@gmail.com is who is the contact for caseyanthonyisinnocent.com and Lord and Thomas is Simon Johansson. They also run Jodiariasisinnocent.com

Update: It appears Simon Johansson just so happens to have a connection to the same hosting company that runs JAii. Also, the admin of the site is someone called “SJ”. Simon is also known for pulling “get rich internet scams” which follows his method of operation. There is a paypal link on that site that says its for donations to Jodi but I think its just a money scam for someone trying to cash in on the high profile case just the same as the website that is ran for CaseyAnthonyIsInnocent.com.


Simon Johansson

Simon Johansson

Simon Lord and Thomas



  1. dec3iver says:


  2. “Hummm…is this the same Amiee JM was questioning Alice about the “Manifesto”??? When you go to jodiariasisinnocent.com and click on their paypal donation button..the email address for the transaction is…famosamos3838@gmail.com, that email belongs to…
    Aimee Lantz, 38
    Yreka, CA…” Aimmee is also involved in ACN, i believe, a pyramid scam. She’s also asking for donations. SJ is also running a scam.

  3. Alyce LaViolette’s testimony is a double standard; Jodi could never be a stalker, according to her. But Travis IS an abuser! She’s a biased “expert” witness, and getting paid big $$ for that bias.

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