Verdict Watch

Jodi Arias verdict watch.

Lets hope justice is served.

Sept 8th…

We are still waiting and watching.

Before I dive any deeper let me give you an update.

Yes, I have been away from an extended amount of time and no I haven’t been in jail :).

From the beginning all I wanted to do is combat the ever-so-growing website known as JAii. I wanted to be the Yin to the Yang so to speak. I didn’t want “$J” to spat out his crap and censor what everyone else had to say. I wanted to expose all the things that I learned about $J, his connection in the Casey Anthony case, his mobile website design with Baez and all of his get rich internet scams. The more I uncovered the more upset it made me. With all of that being said, I had to take a break.

During the course of this trial I have learned a great deal about people. Some good, some bad and somethings that I never wished I would have learned… but I will leave that for another day.

So I am trying to catch up on all the things that I have missed. The only real big news is that Jodi is going to represent herself and her status is still Guilty. The other news (which is to be expected) is that SJ $J or Simon Hill / Simon Johansson has moved on to a new scam.

Since after all, he was a key factor in my motivation in creating this website. Lets talk about him for a bit.

When I discovered what $J was doing I realized he is a toxic slime that has been injected into the affairs of the USA. From his scams to trying to use the power of the internet to sway public opinion or cause controversy over high profile murder cases. All while he is preying on people with his get rich scams.

It seems that I have missed 2 version’s of his scams while I have been away.

It looks like it went from “Black Ops 2.0″ to “Bitcoin Revolution” to the new NINJA PREDATOR! WHOA!

As always, Dave Krouse is the local “USA” middle man.

I will leave you with a video I found:


I find it interesting that the person that made the video had no idea about all of the other things Simon and Dave are into.

Which means I need to do more to get rid of this toxic slime.

Until next time, Cheers!

Also, here is a poll we did back in 2013.

So what has changed?

Everyone think about that [Topic] for a minute… “What has changed?”

(The following post below uses the word “YOU” which does not necessarily mean my JAIAB peeps!)

1: Jodi Arias is still guilty of murder.
2: We still have people that believe Jodi is innocent and what she did was justified.
3: We still have people that believe Jodi is guilty and planned a jealous murder.
4. (I assume) We still have people writing songs and poems about Jodi. (And just to be fair I assume some are spoof’s and others are genuine heart felt ones)
5. And!! We still have Simon and Dave trying to peddle their “Binary Trading” get rich scheme!

Hello!!! I said…. HELLO!!!!!!

First let me say that I am glad to see people are still posting comments here!!

before I move on, let me tell you that I had 15,000+ pending comments that I had to nuke! If you can’t post comments please email me!

First let me say that I had to take a break from the Jodi Arias crazy train………………….

Just to recap, I originally set out to expose Simon Johansson (and his scams) and his websites that supported women on trial for murder……………

What I discovered was beyond my belief. I have learned that 7 out of 10 females that “supported” Jodi Arias had some type of relationship problems or sexual abuse from a man. They all seem to feel “vindicated” by Jodi’s murderess actions.

Although 70% of “Jodi” supporters were female we still had 30% of males that supported her.

What was discovered in both the 70% female and 30% male category is that they both shared some type of sexual abuse, and in each case they felt retribution was served by Jodi Arias.

Thanks for sticking around! I will try to keep everyone updated as things unfold :)

Coming up on Halloween!

…What are you going to be dressed up as?

Below is a PDF of the letter Jodi Arias wrote to the judge. Check it out.

9/13 Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

Hello everyone!

Yes, it has been a while! I figured I would make a new post for everyone on this Friday the 13th to talk about all things new! And how appropriate it is for me to post this on a website that has to do with a blade wielding murderer?

So as I wade through all the spam comments; I give you this post to talk about all things new and things that are not new. :)

If you have trouble posting please send me an email as you may have been marked as spam by accident.

8/17 Interesting to say the least!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since my last post and I must say it has been an interesting journey.

In the last few weeks we have lost several people here. They all have their own reasons for leaving. Lets be real though… everyone had a life before this trial and it only stands to reason that people would go back to their lives after this trial.

I’ve learned a lot about “people on the internet” during this trial. There is an old saying that says “a drunk persons words is a sober persons thoughts” and I have to say that a lot of people use the internet as their “drunken words”. People are so free to spill their hate/dreams/fantasies on the internet with the idea that they are completely anonymous. I would be willing to bet that 99% of everyone that posted hateful comments towards the Alexanders wouldn’t have said those things in a public setting face to face to someone… Why do I say this? I choose to believe that everyone is good and most people know the difference between right and wrong. I believe that the people that fuel the hateful comments are venting their personal anger in such a way since they are not able to do it “real life”. In so many words, the internet has allowed people to express their anger, frustrations, dreams, fantasies and all the “things” someone would have never had the courage to share with anyone face to face. For the people out there that use the internet to “vent/express” their thoughts and feelings “anonymously” I encourage you to discuses your opinions/feelings with your friends/family face to face. If you don’t have any real life friends/family to talk to please do not resort to the internet!! Go outside and meet your neighbors… Go to the local church and meet people…

Let me step down off my soap box for a second and talk about ToTT.

I do not know who ToTT is and I don’t know about the “ToTT Plan” anymore than you. What I do know is that I asked ToTT in an email this:
“Do you plan to continue building your pages? I would hate that you would stop and all of this would have been in vain. ”

ToTT responded with this:
“The site is going to be completed
And not just because it all would be in vain which would suck”

I couldn’t help but to notice that ToTT’s website no longer has a “Renee” or “Bevvie” section.

…. I want to thank everyone that is still around! I hope that the “friendships” made here could be sealed with a face-face cup of coffee or at least a telephone call :) (who doesn’t talk over VoIP these days??)

Before I end this post, let me assure everyone that this website will stay in existent for as long as SJ is around.

Hello Simon! Part 2

I am re-posting this article from the link below.

Every week, Tony Hetherington replies to readers’ letters, adding comments, advice and the results of his enquiries.

If you think you are a victim of financial mismanagement, or want advice before investing, write to Tony Hetherington, Financial Mail, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TS. Sorry, but he cannot give personal replies.

Please only send copies of original documents, which, we regret, cannot be returned.

Mrs S. N. writes: I am writing to ask if you will accept £2 to help me locate an article about a man called Simon Hill, who I believe has changed his name. He was the UK agent for an American named Richard Dompier, who ran the New Millennium Group, a US silver investment fraud.

Simon John Hill, alias Simon Johansson, is a veteran conman. I seem to have been issuing warnings against him for a decade or more, and I am slightly surprised to find that I did not give him a mention in 2006.

The article you want is from June 2005. Here it is:

Swedish ‘wealth creator’ from Barnsley

I have sent you a printout and your cheque has been returned as well. From the documents you sent me, I see that you are one of Hill’s victims so I would hate to add to your losses.

There have been developments in the New Millennium Group fraud that might make you feel a little happier, though.

The man behind the con was Richard Dompier, 48, of North Carolina. A federal court in Oregon, where his company was based, has just jailed him for ten years after he was convicted on 29 charges of fraud and money laundering. He was told to repay £1.4m to investors. Evidence showed that Dompier told his victims that if they invested about £50 in a small bar of silver, he would pay them about £10,000 in commission fees over a 14-month period.

The scheme attracted more than 5,000 investors and if Dompier had paid them all he would have been writing cheques for £600m.

In fact, Dompier’s company had no genuine business activities. Federal Assistant US Attorney Chris Cardani, who worked on the prosecution case, said: ‘He made a few payments early on as a way to lull investors into the programme.’ Then he simply stopped paying anyone.

And from what started out as a fairly modest swindle in the US, evidence in court showed that takings rocketed when Dompier recruited Simon Hill to promote the scheme in Britain. Hill raised about £750,000 for Dompier, from which he was paid a handsome commission.

Hill was so successful at spreading the con that when the FBI investigated Dompier, they had to ask the Serious Fraud Office in London for help. And UK victims were invited to Oregon to give evidence.

The pity of this whole affair is that Hill has walked away. The man is a professional promoter of collapsing easy-money schemes.

Simon John Hill
Simon John Hill/Simon J. Hill/ Simon John Johansson/ Simon Johansson

Seven years ago, Financial Mail warned against his Armchair Tycoon scheme, which asked people to pay £3,330 to set up websites. The only way to profit was to sell more websites, with Hill pocketing a slice of the proceeds every time.

Then there was AGM International, which promised computers ready to run an internet business. Customers never got their computers and Hill heaped all the blame on to an Israeli associate who was beyond legal reach, but he hung on to his huge commission cheques.

And that is what has happened with New Millennium Group. Dompier has taken the blame and gone to jail. The victims have lost a fortune. But Simon Hill goes free and makes a mint.

Anyone who sees his name – or his Johansson alias – at the foot of a slick mailshot asking for money, should bin it.

Where in the world is Simon? Find out from my previous post below:

8/7 Hello Simon!

———-====> This will most likely be a long post so buckle up <=====————

Ok, so there are some things that I’d like to talk about. Remember a while back “cindney” complained about her posts being edited/changed? One of the mods at JAii told a tale about some “code” in the comment that wasn’t there so that meant it was an “unedited comment”. They even posted a screen shot trying to prove that: HERE

So I want to show you what ALL SPAM BOTS do with the “gobbledegook” from JAIAB= HERE

Maybe they were trying to explain something else and I just didn’t understand. But I can tell you for certain that there is no way to see if a comment had been changed or modified.

Moving on..

In the beginning times of tracking down the person known as “SJ” or “$J” that runs the highly controversially websites such as JAii and CAii I found 2 things.

1: It seemed that all of “SJ’s” websites had the same IP Address. (As of writing this post the IP is
2: All of SJ’s websites were registered to a Mr. Zohaib Bashir.

Since my last posting on 8/5 it seems that SJ has signed up for CloudFlare’s “Reverse Proxy” for barbro cleaning

So this tells me he has been keeping up with my postings… So HELLO Simon!

A.D.D kicking in. Where was I?

Oh yes, Zohaib Bashir.

Although I’m not sure how Simon and Zohaib met or how they do business it is clear that Zohaib registers the domains, sets up the website and maintains the “GLOBAL” bans via a CSV file (comma-seperated values) for all of Simon’s websites. Now since Zohaib is a web developer guy you can’t really assume that everything registered to “Zohaib Bashir” is one of “SJ’s” websites.

For example:
Is a website with the same IP address ( and the same registrant name but the website has a “Contact” link that points to “Mr. Zohaib Bashir”. What is scary is that it appears this website handles “Orthopedic Implants & Instruments”. Why is that scary? Maybe I am just paranoid but I don’t want a shady web eCommerce guy from Sialkot-51310, Pakistan and a known MLM scammer from Sweden sending stuff into my country where such “implants” may be used on me or my family.
Zohaib Bashir tele

Once again, where was I?

…I think I was getting to Mr. Simon John Johansson aka Simon J. Hill.

In my last post HERE I brought up a PREVIOUS post of mine in regards to one of his scams ran with a MISS Barbro Johansson. Only this time I posted info on a website he runs for Barbro Johansson cleaning service “”(ie: IP address, Zohaib).

Simon, just to let you know, I am not interested in “DDoSing” your websites. You claim to be a “computer programmer” but you have a person in Pakistan setup wordpress websites for you?

Damn A.D.D…

This is what I am going to do, Simon.
I am going to post and report every single one of your websites, scams, partners (David Krouse) U.S. corporations (such as sooty inc), P.O. Boxes, UPS stores, Wells Fargo bank accounts, online services used to “support” your scams such as “” and everything else I find on you or your constituents.

I’ll start with the below links and screenshots.,14.621469&q=56.060684,14.621469

And I’ll give you and Zohaib some publicity with the current list of websites you both run.


Some of the websites I have listed below contain exploits and viruses and I DO NOT suggest you click on ANY of them.
Since I know many people will do just that ANYWAY please use a SANDBOX (HERE: browser that will protect your computer if the site is trying to infect/compromise your security.

Once again, clicking on any of the below links could cause you a lot of grief and you should NOT click on anything unless you are 110% sure you are protected and your computer is backed up.

Disclaimer: I am posting these links as a way to expose and list all of the websites associated with Simon Johansson and his constituents. I STRONGLY URGE YOU NOT TO VISIT ANY OF THE BELOW WEBSITES







8/5 Know anyone in Sweden?

I am going to resurrect this old post:

A lot of the info is still the same but I have more I want to add to SJ/$J/Simon Hill/Simon Johansson…

So lets get started…

Ever hear of the Armchair Tycoon? It was a MLM home based business scam run by a guy named Simon Hill, his partner in the scam was “Miss Barbro Maric Johansson” (listed below). Now we know where he got his new LASTNAME from!

Article here:

A UK company check on “Armchair Tycoon” can be viewed here=


The original information can be read here=

Lets move on… The man(scum) that is promising you fortune and freedom by using his “Champion Trader” system also runs a website for his wife/girlfriend? HERE= and she is a cleaning lady!!!!

Someone PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSE tell me why Simon is making his better half work as a cleaning lady when he should be RICH FROM HIS OWN PROGRAM?


What are the odds?!
Barbro Johansson